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What's the Healy?

With increasing age, diseases and stress can disturb or reduce the fine micro currents in the cells or cell membrane.

With the Healy we can now pack these helpful frequencies easily into our trouser pockets, control them with our smartphone and use them quickly in everyday life for well-being and balance. Whether on the way to work, to school, during breaks, during a conference or during sports.

Healy is a medical device for the treatment of chronic pain, fibromyalgia, skeletal pain and migraines, as well as for supportive treatment of mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety and related sleep disorders.

Who is the Healy suitable for?

For people who value their health and want to maintain or improve it.

The frequency therapy of the Healy should act on the cells concerned with the appropriate frequency and harmonize the bioenergetic field.

Here are some topics:

  • Learning and concentration
  • Fitness and Sport
  • Relaxation and sleep quality
  • Energy and relaxation
  • Beauty and mental strength

Healy - das kleinste Frequenztherapiegerät
Healy Therapiegerät

When does Healy help me with pain, insomnia and/or depression?

The more than 150,000 different frequencies will harmonize the bioenergetic field.

I am very happy that I can give my patients their individual frequency application in the form of the Healy to take home.

In my opinion, Healy is the perfect complement as a sensible basic treatment for every day. It offers many prepared programs for easy and safe use at home or on the road.

What can I do with the Healy in my case?

For the most important health topics I have programmed the ABC-therapist packages and put them together for you. More topics will follow.

  • Each Healy-ABC-package contains 12 programs
  • Easy online installation on your Healy therapist site
  • Detailed treatment plan with step-by-step instructions
  • Tips and recipes around your topic
  • Your personal success diary

ABC – or as simple as the little 1 x 1, where A stands for acute events, B for basic programs and C for chronic pain.

Should you be seriously ill, please consult a doctor or alternative practitioner! Of course you will also find therapeutic support in my online practice.

Here you can find all descriptions of the 26 different ABC-therapist packages and order them.

Lisa behandelt mit dem Healy in La Marsa
  • ABC – Eyes
  • ABC – CGV ImmunStark – VIRUSES
  • ABC – Diabetes
  • ABC – Detoxification mycoses
  • ABC – Detoxification heavy metals
  • ABC – Brain concentration
  • ABC – Healthy digestion
  • ABC – Weight management
  • ABC – Skin + allergy
  • ABC – Cardiovascular system in flow
  • ABC – Headaches
  • ABC – Body Soul Spirit – Triple Power
  • ABC – Circulation-pain-movement
  • ABC – Gastrointestinal strength
  • ABC – Ears + Balance
  • ABC – Psyche in Balance
  • ABC – Re-ageing
  • ABC – Back pain
  • ABC – Stable Psyche-Now
  • ABC – Strong immune system
  • ABC – Stress balance, holistic
  • ABC – Vital Travel Detox
  • ABC – Full hair 2020
  • ABC – Wound healing
  • ABC – Toothache
  • Your personal ABC program

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Power for your immune system

How can the Healy help me optimally?

I do not find myself in the Healy pages and ABC therapist packages. Can the Healy not do more?

Especially with chronic diseases it is often not expedient to try out Healy programs in order to have no satisfying result after some application.

What now?

The Healy can really do more!

Here is the solution for YOUR individual frequency package. I create the frequency programs that are helpful for your situation,

ABC-My Frequency Package – Just for you!

Including an individual treatment plan, with which the Healy can support your bioenergetic field individually.

How is the Healy operated?

The many pre-installed frequency programs of the Healy can be easily operated for everyday situations via the app on your smartphone.

Choose your topic from the program groups according to your application goal.

It’s very easy, so even seniors can benefit from the Healy with just a few clicks.

In addition, you will find extensive videos in German and English.

Healy Programmbilder
Wie funktioniert der Healy 002

How does the Healy work? What is so innovative about it?

The Healy is a very precise frequency device that can be adjusted to your individual needs! This type of frequency therapy is called information field controlled micro current therapy.

We have about 70 billion cells in our body, each of which has its own metabolism, just like our entire organism. We breathe in and out, take in food and excrete it again.

It is similar on the cellular level. The exchange takes place in the cell membrane. The “windows and doors” in the cell membrane are called ion channels and open and close with electricity, similar to the brain and nerves.

If the electrical cell voltage of the membrane is too low, the ion channels close and the metabolism and the healthy function of the cell is impaired. This is where the low-frequency alternating current of the Healy comes in. It works with very low currents, comparable to those of our organism, which serve to influence the metabolism in the individual cells.

With the micro current therapy the cell voltage should be raised to the right, optimal level and the metabolism can be optimized.

To harmonize the bio-energetic field, different frequencies are used for muscle than for skin or intestine

When selecting our therapy frequencies, Healy uses the many years of experience of the Portuguese biochemist Nuno Nina, who developed the TimeWaver Frequency with Marcus Schmieke. In this therapist device there are about 150.000 frequencies for many medical topics.

These have been combined to easy to use, automated programs in the Healy. For special health topics I created the ABC-therapist packages. If more individual solutions are required, I can offer you my ABC-My-Frequencies-Package.

During the application the Healy checks every 10 seconds which frequency is now optimal for you and selects it automatically. So thanks to this intelligent and innovative technology you will always get your optimized program.

Healy Set
Lisa Golda Portrait

What experiences are there from the therapist's point of view?

Since 2011 my patients have been benefiting from the versatility of the Healy mother device, the TimeWaver Frequency.

In practice, the TimeWaver Frequency is an important part of the interactive anamnesis. For therapy at home and on the road many people already use the Healy with the individual frequency programs, which fit exactly to you and your needs. Is it practical and suitable for everyday use?

If you want to buy or distribute a Healy, you can do so here.

For the exchange about the Healy I invite you to my Facebook group. Here we discuss in German, English and French.

For all other questions you can book a free 30-minute initial consultation.