Lisa Golda Portrait

Lisa Golda

I am an ambassador for health, love and peace and would like to show all people the possibility to take their health into their own hands. Each of us can do this, and I would like to inspire you to rediscover your health!

Many colorful mosaic stones form a bright picture of your holistic health. Information and frequency medicine form the foundation, Mother Nature gives us everything else.

Over the years I was allowed to make many people happy again, to do research and develop therapy concepts, to learn a lot and to train new therapists. I am so grateful for that!

I live in Cologne, Germany, and on my travels and the two practices in Europe and in Tunis/Tunisia, North Africa I have gained valuable medical experience which I would like to share with you now.

I am looking for you for a strong, international community of therapists and healers, so that you can also learn and do good to others with your knowledge.

Currently I am working with our wonderful international Mosaic team on a platform for health with information and frequency medicine. There you will find everything you need to get well yourself. Therapists find fundamental knowledge from 5 millennia to rethink health in terms of frequencies and information and mosaic pieces.

I love my work, which is not such, but fulfillment.

My mission is to bring health, love and peace to you and to the world.

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My personal values stand for my innermost feelings

This is what makes me and what I want to share with you.


I am completely true to myself, aware of my own ethical values and live them in a straightforward, honest and respectful manner.

I stand by you in the same way.

Free from manipulation I act for your benefit, independent of instructions or donations from third parties, independent of companies or the pharmaceutical industry.

You will always find a clear and honest communication with me.


“”I see you”” – it says in the touching film “Avatar”.

I see you in your wholeness, vulnerability, in your pain. My unconditional appreciation for you lets me accept you, listen to you, give you time.

I give you my complete attention and devotion. Through mutual trust we move to the common level of coherence, where new solutions can easily be found.


The basis for our common path to your health is trust and mutual reliability.

This means for me that I am absolutely there for you, support you and support your decisions, even though I might have decided otherwise myself.

I am straightforward, solidary and have decided for you to accompany you loyally on the way to your self-determined health. You can rely on me.


Ethics as an added value for the community: I would like to give something back to the world and voluntarily lead the monthly health circle “Rosemary & Copper Kettle” in our municipal library.

For me, ethics also means paying fair prices.

I know many suppliers of my favourite products personally and pay attention to fairness in trade.


Profession comes from the French. Profession in German by vocation. Both apply to me 100 %. Since my childhood I have been inhaling knowledge from the world of science to heal people, animals and the environment. I love my vocation and live the healing from the bottom of my heart.

In addition to my training as an alternative practitioner in Berlin, these building blocks, which you can learn more about here, are part of my mosaic medicine.


For me, passion in connection with ethics means to burn with all my heart for my subject and to strive for the highest possible perfection.

In the same way I am here for you. It is my deepest wish to accompany you on your way, to become independent and to take responsibility for your life and your health.

Purpose in life

Victor Frankl is a Viennese psychologist who survived 4 concentration camps and at these abysses thought about the meaning of life for his own point of view.

His central thought is that the meaning of life is an individual one, and must be (re)found in personal responsibility for our lives.

Our purpose of life can give us the strength to stand up again and again despite all adverse circumstances.

I have found the meaning of my life by helping others to find the meaning in theirs,” says Victor Frankl.

In my life, too, I have gone through phases in which I had to redefine MY meaning in order to be able to continue. Today I use my indomitable power and my strong will to carry my message of peace and health into the world.

“I support you on all levels to find the sparkle of your life again.”

Your Lisa Golda