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Concentrated knowledge and experience around health !

Since I discovered the TimeWaver in 2008, I am bubbling over with enthusiasm. Finally there was a possibility to extend my previous health knowledge to further, new levels. Especially in the last 12 years I have learned so much in many languages and many countries.

Waltraud Müller, Lilo Slumiok Müller, Markus Schmieke, Nuno Nina, Jan Fredrik Poleszynsi, Pim van Lommel and Carolyn McMakin are certainly known to many of you by name. I have the good fortune to learn directly from them. They are also symbolic of other of my teachers*, who may not be so well known, but who have given me lasting, valuable and goal-oriented impulses.

Now, in the Mosaic portal, I would like to pass on my concentrated knowledge and my experience as a TimeWaver Therapist of the First Hour to you.

My goal is to use health to connect the people ...

… of all nations in peace and love. To found a Healy-Family, to create a community of people whose objective is love, peace and health. I wish you to be part of it!

With this in mind, I have started to put my knowledge from my head on paper and on the website for you. Write me where your questions are, what you would like to have as a teaching offer.

Practically speaking, you don’t need to travel halfway around the world like I did to get knowledge, because you will find the Mosaic Academy right at your laptop. And that in 3 languages. I speak German, English and French, understand Dutch, some Spanish and Tunisian-Arabic.

Simply choose from the growing offer of our portal


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Topics: Healy, information and frequency medicine

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