Mosaic stones

Since my childhood I have been inhaling knowledge from the world of science to heal people, animals and the environment. I love my vocation and live the healing from the bottom of my heart.

In addition to my training as a Registered German Naturopath in Berlin, the following mosaic stones belong to my mosaic medicine:


Quantum physics in medicine

Sanmeigaku from
Chinese Medicine

Accompanying consultation for
Borrelia and co-infections


Herbal medicine

Bach Flowers

Vital mushrooms



Nutritional Medicine

Skin treatments with plants


Time Waver

Energy Medicine

Magnetic fields in
medical applications

Microcurrent Frequency Therapy
according to Nuno Nina

FSM - Frequency Specific Micro Current according
to Dr. Carolyn McMakin

Vagus reactivation
with microcurrent

Orthomolecular medicine

Horses, Dogs, Cats ...
VET Animal Programs
for you as a therapist