Portrait von Lisa Golda - TimeWaver Expertin

Looking for ways out of the crisis?

Dear friends of information and frequency medicine,

Albert Einstein once said:

“Problems can never be solved with the same way of thinking by which they were created.”

So let’s look for solutions on other levels! On the levels of information and frequency medicine we can find – x-times tested – ways out of the health crisis!

Since the beginning of the crisis in Feb 2020, I am therefore very intensively engaged in research and the implementation of my findings on health aspects with my expert field: information and frequency medicine.

My strength is to find solutions and make them accessible to you.

That’s why I invite you as a user and therapist to get ideas in the workshop C-Exit-Insights and then in our monthly program C-Exit- Get out of the Health Crisis to learn step by step yourself how to implement the solution paths systematically at home on your own responsibility.

I will show you how it works!

Love, peace and health,

Unterschrift Lisa Golda


The reasons for diseases often lie hidden

With the help of Mosaic Medicine© these can be analyzed, recognized and then systematically treated step by step on a psychological level and in the subconscious.

  • Analysis, e.g. with TimeWaver systems and finding hidden causes
  • Set up a step by step plan
  • Stabilize mentally and physically, e.g. with Healy and microcurrent
  • Use a nutritional magnifying glass
  • Detoxify, deacidify, purge, say goodbye to pain
  • Reconstruct and feel good
  • Accompany and gradually bring the psyche into balance

You as a patient learn each step and apply it at home on your own responsibility. I will accompany you in this process so that you can become stronger and more powerful.

Lisa's online practice is there for you anywhere in the world!

Mosaic Medicine© is a holistic, multidimensional method of naturopathy. The most important thing is: We individually get to the bottom of your causes and find individual therapy building blocks for you, especially for pain and chronic diseases.

The success is based on the combination of natural elements such as plants and other building blocks as well as certified medical technology (e.g. TimeWaver) from Germany. Mosaik Medicine was founded by Lisa Golda in 2007 and has been further developed since then. Today it is internationally appreciated by therapists and patients. With this unique combination of building blocks of proven naturopathy and state-of-the-art certified medical technology from Germany, Lisa Golda develops reliable treatment methods that she now teaches worldwide.

This is how I support you in the online practice

Write me an email here with your health concerns, or book a personal 1:1 hour, where I take time for you and we can talk in peace about solutions for your health.

Maybe you need a month of intensive TimeWaver analysis and strategies for the next months of your recovery? Or is the world’s crazy health situation getting to you personally, or are you suffering from side effects? Do you want to get rid of the experimental toxins from your body on all levels? Insider knowledge, spirituality, TimeWaver, frequencies and healthy recipes accompany you monthly in our online group C-Exit.