C-Exit – Escape Program out of the health crisis!
TimeWaver Online Group for (Healy-) Users and Therapists
monthly from January 19, 2021
at 10.00 AM CET (for Europe, AU, NZ) + 8.00 PM CET (for USA)

How to strengthen your health step by step with TimeWaver and frequencies on your own responsibility in these challenging times!

Learn on an ongoing basis with Lisa’s support how to break free from the vortex of fear and confidently pursue healthy solutions in a strong community.

I have come to the conclusion that we can only overcome this crisis by changing ourselves, our views, attitudes, and actions.
For stable health we need multiple mosaic building blocks such as species-appropriate nutrition, vital substances, information, frequencies, and a stress-free, healthy social environment.
The concept of Mosaic Medicine is based on combining quantum physical levels (TimeWaver, Healy) as well as many naturopathic building blocks and bringing homeostasis, i.e. balance, back into its natural rhythm.


“I found your TimeWaver Core Training just totally mind blowing and amazing for me as a healer.”

Linda Hurkot, MSLP, SLP(C), Speech Therapist, Canada
– Participant of the TimeWaver Core Training –

What to expect during the monthly live program:

It gets concrete. Every month you will continuously learn news from the world of research FOR people. Experience safety and security in the group and get an overview of how Lisa systematically, step by step, shows solutions on physical, mental and spiritual levels for the current world problems in the medical field.

Current Info - Body Biology

What really happens in the body? Learn with concrete examples and understand what happens in the cells and how your immune system really works. Understand the connections and use them in everyday life to train your immune system!


Expert Lisa Golda performs for our group current TimeWaver – analyses to protect you energetically.  Every day the helpful information is then sent 24h/7 into your information field.

2 Healy Expert Programs

The microcurrent programs Balance and Ausleitung are waiting for you. Both are precisely tuned to the current situation. Lisa reprograms them every 3 months. Your update is already included in the monthly program price.


What can I do at home?
You will receive detailed recipes and instructions, which you can easily implement at home, even as a layman. Look forward to our 50-page workbook “Power for your immune system”, which we will work through together every month.

“I have a lot of clients for the TimeWaver, each of whom has also realized great changes.”

Viola Hohmann, Naturopath, Germany
– Participant of the TimeWaver Core Training –

Content of the monthly online program

Experience new possibilities how you can find your own way out of the health crisis with TimeWaver, Healy and Mosaic Medicine!

  • Insider knowledge and current medical and toxicological findings
  • Accompaniment by the expert Lisa Golda with her many years of experience with holistic information and frequency medicine
  • Lisa Golda analyzes monthly live for you in the group with the TimeWaver to balance protection, discharge and spiritual transformation for you in the bioenergetic field
  • Healy expert programs continue to support you according to plan on the topic of stabilizing the immune system and detoxification in the bioenergetic field
  • Monthly mosaic recipe that you can easily replicate at home
  • Time for your questions


“One of the main reasons to attend the TimeWaver basic training is that this way of thinking is sooo different. This expansion of consciousness is really a leap in consciousness that heals not only the person or situation you are dealing with, but also yourself. We ourselves are transformed when we use these technologies, whether it’s TimeWaver or Healy. The modules of the TimeWaver basic training really ground us in this awareness and the challenge for us then is to expand our consciousness.”

Linda Hurkot, Speech Therapist, Canada
-Participant of the TimeWaver Core Training-

Live program: C-Exit - Escape Program out of the health crisis

at 10.00 AM CET (for Europe, AU, NZ) + 8.00 PM CET (for USA)
from 49 Euro monthly

The next dates are

January 19th 2022
February 16th 2022
March 16th 2022
April 6th 2022
Mai 4th 2022
June 1st 2022
July 6th 2022
August 3rd 2022
September 7th 2022
October 5th 2022
November 2nd 2022
December 7th 2022


The booking includes
2 Healy expert microcurrent frequency – programs,
which we can upload for Healy owners on their Healy.


A booking of the program C-Exit is valid for
one household, your family may participate together in the program and TimeWaver optimization in the information field.

If you should be prevented once, no problem. You will receive this after the training date:

Link to the recording

2 Healy expert programs (worth 48,- Euro each)

Recipes / explanatory pictures / book tips

Extra Bonus

– also included in the program!

Power for Your Immune System Workbook
Comprehensive workbook, which we will also work with on a monthly basis
50 pages, PDF (comes with the first recording)
worth 69,00 Euro

“So much has happened to me in the last few weeks. I have used TimeWaver to “find” practice/office space for me and my husband and the virtually impossible became possible.
We found and were able to buy an apartment. All further steps I have also decided with the TimeWaver and the whole process takes place in a speed that amazes and delights everyone involved.”

Viola Hohmann, Naturopath, Germany
-Participant of the TimeWaver Core Training-

Portrait von Lisa Golda - TimeWaver Expertin

I am Lisa Golda, alternative practitioner from Cologne, Germany

Since 2008 I have been fascinated by the world of frequencies and information fields.

That’s when I realized their immense importance for sustainable medical therapy. Until today I learn myself from experts and use the Mosaic Medicine for new forms of therapy and apply it successfully in my international (online) practice since 2008.

The >C< crisis of the world urges me to show you ways out, how you can take action yourself with your family/patients on the levels of body-soul-mind. Share this link with all who are looking for new perspectives for their stable health!

You can never solve problems with the same mindset that created them.

Since the beginning of the crisis in February 2020, I have been intensively engaged in gaining knowledge, research and training on the social and especially health aspects, because I stand for finding solutions. Albert Einstein once said, “You can never solve problems with the same mindset that created them. So let’s all go together to the levels of information and frequency medicine and find our individual ways out of the health crisis!

I am looking forward to you!
Love, peace and health,

Unterschrift Lisa Golda

The live program: C-Exit - Ways out of the health crisis is perfect for you if...

  • If you as a user, doctor or therapist want to integrate ways out of the global pressing situation at home and into your daily practice.
  • If you want to use Lisa’s holistic expert knowledge on a monthly basis.
  • If you are looking for ways out and detoxification with information and frequency medicine.
  • If you want to get out of rigidity and become active yourself.
  • If you want to live personal responsibility.
  • If you are curious about the potential of Healy and TW for the New Age.
  • If you need reliable and up-to-date information.

“The best offer for those seriously seeking training in the use of Healy and/or TimeWaver!”

Maryellen Kuhlmann, PhD, OTR, NBC-HWC (National Board Certified Health Wellness Coach) , USA
– Participant of the TimeWaver Core Training –