Recording of the Workshop C-Exit Outlooks for (Healy-) Users
for only 23 Euro

Are you looking for education, guidance, and empowerment of resistance, and are you ready to leave side effects, genetic experiments, and toxins behind?

I show you ways out of stress and despair with TimeWaver, frequencies and insider knowledge.

Decades of experience help you to get out of the crisis

Centuries-old medical traditions, knowledge of holistic naturopathy and detoxification, stabilize and get and out of fear and panic.

Modern knowledge of quantum physics, relevance, and resonance interruption we implement logically step by step with information and frequency medicine, TimeWaver and Healy.

The current medical findings and studies from around the world give and detailed guidance on how we can personally deal with the health crisis.

All these topics we discussed in the workshop C-Exit Outlooks.


“The ABC seminar was wonderful. The incredible knowledge you shared was amazing and I appreciated it very much. At one point during your presentation I started crying uncontrollably. I am so glad you recorded this unique event. Thank you! You have such a beautiful spirit!”

Carolyn Sheehan Berry, USA
– Participant of the TimeWaver Core training –

What to expect from the recording of the C-Exit Outlook workshop:

Experience safety and security in the group and get an overview of how Lisa systematically, step by step, shows solutions on physical, mental and spiritual levels for the current world problems.

Current Info - Body Biology

What really happens in the body? Learn how the biological processes in the organism are, understand connections and use this information to carefully plan your next steps and implement them independently.


Expert Lisa Golda shows you how she can use the full potential of TimeWaver for you with analyses and balancings to accompany you on your way through the crisis in the group with TimeWaver balancings.


In our workshop C-Exit Outlooks you will learn concretely which standard Healy programs you can use to stabilize your immune system and to support your organism in detoxification in the bioenergetic field.


In our protected space of the workshop C-Exit Outlooks you will find the first basic recipe to start detoxing and cleansing and to increase your resistance.
Easily applicable for you at home.

“There is so much information about Healy, and I want to start […] with a targeted resource. Congratulations on your upcoming launch and I look forward to learning more!”

Shelly Wolfe
– Participant workshop –

Contents of the workshop C-Exit Outlooks:

In over 1.5 hours you will be shown new ways to identify ways out of crisis with the TimeWaver, Healy and Mosaic Medicine!

  • Insider knowledge and concepts in a safe space accompanied by Lisa’s years of experience.
  • Expert Lisa Golda demonstrates in the group how you can personally benefit from balancing with the TimeWaver.
  • Which Healy Standard programs support the stabilization of the immune system and detoxification in the bioenergetic field? You will get a plan for this in the workshop!
  • Holistic recipes in the sense of Mosaic Medicine, which you can easily reproduce at home.
  • Time for questions

“Lisa has an extensive knowledge of frequency medicine and specifically how to understand the potential of frequency technology to improve health and wellness, and how and when to use it for optimal results.”

Dr. Sherril Sellmann

Recording of C-Exit Outlooks

You will receive the recording of the workshop,
which took place at November 17, 2021

You will receive an e-mail with:

Link to the recording
Healy tables standard programs
Recipe and book tips

“I (…) got much more today than I had imagined. I am grateful for the background knowledge, the wonderful databases, energy points module, guide… It is a pleasure to continue learning and trying out myself. Also that you always respond to our questions is so valuable and facilitates the practice with TimeWaver, makes it exciting.”

Melinda, Germany
– Seminar participant –

Portrait von Lisa Golda - TimeWaver Expertin

I am Lisa Golda, Registered German naturopath from Cologne, Germany

Since 2008 I have been fascinated by the world of frequencies and information fields.

That’s when I realized their immense importance for sustainable medical therapy. To this day, I learn myself from experts and use Mosaic Medicine for new forms of therapy and have been using it successfully in my international (online) practice for 13 years.
My mission is to train therapists worldwide for the next level and to share my extensive knowledge.

The C Crisis of the World urges me to show you vistas of how we can work together and you with your family/patients on the levels of body-soul-mind itself. Share this link with all who are looking for new perspectives for their stable health!

I look forward to seeing you!
Love, peace and health,

Unterschrift Lisa Golda

“There are well trained “therapists” who are well trained and experienced in using this wonderful device and can help anyone choose the right program to support our health. Please contact these people. I believe Ms. Golda is one of these wonderful people.”

Stacey Miller

The C-Exit Outlook workshop is perfect for you if...

  • If you as a doctor / therapist and user want to integrate ways out of the global pressing situation into your daily practice.
  • If you want to learn Lisa’s holistic approach for the new times.
  • If you are looking for ways out and detoxification with information and frequency medicine.
  • If you want to get out of rigidity and become active yourself.
  • If you want to live personal responsibility.
  • If you are curious about the potential of Healy and TW for the New Age.
  • If you need reliable and up-to-date information.