Note: Science and orthodox medicine do not recognize the existence of information fields, their medical and other meaning and the TimeWaver systems with their applications due to missing scientific evidence in the sense of orthodox medicine.

TimeWaver should help to analyze the information field. Furthermore, a therapist can use the device system to influence the information field in a positive way. Whether this has a relevant physiological effect on the affected patient has to be decided within the scope of the therapeutic sovereignty of the respective therapist. Information field medicine does not refer to the physical body, but acts exclusively in the human information body. Its aim is not the recognition, alleviation or prevention of diseases.

Healy is a medical device for the treatment of chronic pain, fibromyalgia, skeletal pain and migraine, as well as for the supportive treatment of mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety and related sleep disorders. All other applications of the Healy are not recognized by orthodox medicine due to missing proofs in the sense of orthodox medicine.

TimeWaver and Healy do not replace a visit to a doctor or alternative practitioner. The medical contents discussed here are intended as professional information for members of the healing profession.