TimeWaver Core Training for therapists,
start on October 8, 2021

Learn how to use the new levels of frequency medicine and information fields as a therapist, and integrate TimeWaver knowledge into your practice work.

In my training you will receive proven expert knowledge that will help you to overcome the limitations of your previous therapy methods.

You realize as a therapist that frequency medicine with the Healy already does a lot – and this small Healy is « only » the user device for the home! How much more powerful must be the therapeutic potential of the TimeWaver, which is one of the fathers of the Healy!

Now the time has come for you to look beyond your practice and look for future-oriented ideas! And that’s why the TimeWaver Core Training comes to you NOW, which provides you with a sound basic training for practice-expanding possibilities, for which you have already-perhaps unconsciously-searched.


« I found your TimeWaver Core Modules are just completely mind blowing and amazing for me as a Healer. »

Linda Hurkot, MSLP, SLP(C), Speech Language Clinician, Canada
– Participant of the TimeWaver Core Training –

What you can expect during the TimeWaver Core Training:

You have heard so many exciting things about the TimeWaver – the manufacturer advertises it, the salesmen want to sell it – and other TimeWaver users may not want to share their knowledge and therapy strategies with you…
So where to get comprehensive TimeWaver information that will really help you as a therapist? Where you can get useful insider information on a collegial level? Where you can profit from 13 years of practical experience?
With me, Lisa Golda and the TimeWaver Core Training!

New thinking strategies in my TimeWaver Core Training

I will show you my thinking strategy with the TimeWaver, which will help you from now on to pave the way to your new dream patients – without any stumbling blocks and detours.

How to use the versatile tools in TimeWaver

Learn when and how to use the tools.
You’ll get easy-to-use, everyday strategies for your own practice – even if you don’t have your own TimeWaver yet.

Access Lisa's knowledge and get 1000 answers

Here you can collect sustainable mosaic building blocks, combine them, apply them and thus enrich your own potential. This is how you raise your practice to a new (also financial) level.

Practical TimeWaver analyses for you in our group

In each part, our group benefits from live applications. Participate and immediately notice how you find yourself in the results of TimeWaver analyses.

« I have a lot of clients for the TimeWaver, each of whom has also realized great changes. »

Viola Hohmann, Registered German Naturopath, Germany
– Participant of the TimeWaver Core Training –

Contents of the TimeWaver Core Training: Exciting application possibilities, concentrated information - and the way to your own TimeWaver application!

  • How to prepare and energetically protect yourself as a therapist and your patient, train and educate the focus and consciousness as a bridge.
  • Learn the meaning of TimeWaver transmission times and intervals, as well as interpretations of the analyses.
  • Discover the history and minds of information and frequency medicine and book tips.
  • Learn how epigenetics and hidden causes still affect us today – and how we can resolve them.
  • How we use live analyses to make the unspoken visible and bring hidden causes to light.

« One of the big reasons to participate in the TimeWaver Core Training is that this way of thinking is sooo different. This expansion of consciousness really is a leap in consciousness, that heals not only the person or the situation you are treating, but also yourself. We become transformed ourselves using these technologies, whether it is TimeWaver or Healy. The TimeWaver Core Modules really ground us in that knowledge and the challenge for us is then to expand our consciousness. »

Linda Hurkot, Speech Therapist, Canada
-Participant of the TimeWaver Core Training-

5 dates of the TimeWaver Core Training

October 8 2021
November 12 2021
December 10 2021
January 14 2022
February 11 2022

Should you ever be prevented from attending, no problem. You will receive this as a bonus after each training:

Link to the recording
Script as PDF
Explanation pictures – tables – book tips

« So much has happened to me in the last few weeks. I have been working with the TimeWaver to « find » a office space for me and my husband and the impossible became possible.
We found and were able to buy an apartment. All further steps I have also decided with the TimeWaver and the whole process is taking place at a speed that amazes and delights everyone involved. »

Viola Hohmann, Registered German Naturopath, Germany
– Participant of the TimeWaver Core Training –

Portrait von Lisa Golda - TimeWaver Expertin

I am Lisa Golda, Registered German Naturopath from Cologne, Germany

Since 2008 I have been fascinated by the world of frequencies and information fields.

That’s when I realized their immense importance for sustainable medical therapy. To this day, I continue to train regularly and combine quantum physical methods into new forms of therapy and have been successfully applying them in my international practice for 13 years.
My mission is to train therapists worldwide for the next level and to share my extensive knowledge so that many therapists and their patients around the world can benefit from it.

I thank and bow to my teachers, especially these who personally educated me and brought me forward in my medical development:

Lilo Slumiok Müller, Herbert Poltersdorf, Nuno Nina
Jan Fredrik Poleszynski, Carolyn McMakin

The TimeWaver Core Training paves your way to your own TimeWaver

In the meantime, the graduates of the first training season have completed their basic training and already 5 of the participants can successfully apply their new knowledge with their own TimeWaver in their practices and inspire new patients.

You can do that too!

I will show you how to get a TimeWaver in your own practice. Register now and learn in the TimeWaver Core Training detailed knowledge about what really matters in the application of TimeWaver.

I am looking forward to meeting you!
Love, Peace and Health,

Unterschrift Lisa Golda

For whom is the TimeWaver Core Training suitable?

The TimeWaver Core Training is optimal for you, …

  • if you are a physician/therapist looking to take your practice to the next level with a new technology.
  • if you as a therapist want to learn new tools to identify deeper causes in your patients.
  • if you want to use the combination of TimeWaver and your expertise to provide even more targeted therapy.
  • if you are looking for support on the way to your own TimeWaver application.
  • if you want to learn in 5 steps the way of thinking around the TimeWaver and implement it immediately in your practice.

« The best offer for those seriously searching for training in the use of Healy and/or TimeWaver!”

Maryellen Kuhlmann, PhD, OTR, NBC-HWC (National Board Certified Health Wellness Coach), USA
– Participant of the TimeWaver Core Training –