TimeWaver Mini Workshop for Therapists

October – 1 – 2021

Only 23 Euro

After 2 hours you will know how to successfully use the TimeWaver in your practice.

I will show you the possible applications on the new levels of quantum physics and information fields.

The TimeWaver Mini Workshop is the first step of our TimeWaver training serie. You will learn everything about it in the TimeWaver Mini Workshop. For both events you do not need to own a TimeWaver. You will learn the most important basics of TimeWaver application and the basic understanding of how to profit it in your daily practice life.

The TimeWaver is a quantum physical radionic device, which can read, write and as well balance in the information field of the clients.

Even small children and also animals have been given a voice through the TimeWaver, because in the TimeWaver we can read, what they cannot convey to us with words. Countless business coachings have been carried out, products and their sales have been optimized, clinics and practices have been shown the way to success, exams have been mastered. And all this using TimeWaver and the support in the information field.


«Lisa Golda is peerless in her knowledge and application of frequency-based healing.  She is a widely acknowledged master in the pantheon of frequency technology. Lisa teaches in a comprehensive, easy-to-understand manner, and her emotional and intellectual generosity seems limitless.»

Maryellen Kuhlmann, USA

What content can you expect during the workshop?

As a doctor and therapist you will have undreamt-of possibilities to determine the causal events in the information field and to find unrecognized blockages. You will recognize connections, determine the vital substance status and get some answers to psychological events. In a very short time you will receive an overview of the status quo of your patient and how you can intervene.

How does a typical TimeWaver analysis look like?

I will introduce you to the process of the TimeWaver analysis and the scanning of vibration patterns  – live in the group. You will learn the very start of setting up a client and how to prepare as a therapist.

Which databases will we discover in the TimeWaver?

I will present you, which databases are available in our TimeWaver and how to create your own databases. Of course, you will also experience, which way I prefer to work.

Organ Coherence - What does the soul of the organs reveal to us?

In a live analysis I will show you what the TimeWaver organ coherence is all about and you will learn how we can interpret the soul of the organs therapeutically.

The Live Analysis

Together we create a TimeWaver analysis for all participants, as well as the inhabitants of Mother Earth and the current world situation and start the balancing.

Of course, it runs for you for a complete month.

«I enjoyed our event today very much. It was an absolute pleasure to meet you. Thank you for your professionalism, expertise and caring.

Love and gratitude.»

Donna MacDonald, Canada

2 hours, full of exciting application possibilities, concentrated information - and the way to use your own TimeWaver - for only 23 Euros!

  • How do I use TimeWaver in my practice as a doctor, therapist or entrepreneur?
  • Typical situations and practical examples from everyday life
  • A real live TimeWaver analysis for all participants incl. 1. month balancing in the information field
  • Questions and answers – What matters to you? What did you always wanted to know?
  • Information about further steps of the TimeWaver Core Training

«I would love to be connected to all of your offerings. It is such a privilege to be in contact with you, Lisa. Spread the frequency and loving healing energy to the world.»

Silvia de Ruiter, NL

Portrait von Lisa Golda - TimeWaver Expertin

I am Lisa Golda, Registered German Nauropath / TimeWaver practitioner from Cologne, Germany.

Since 2008 I am fascinated by the quantum world of frequencies and information fields.

That was when I realized the immense importance for sustainable medical therapy. To this day, I continue my education. I combine quantum physical methods into new forms of therapy and have been successfully applying them in my international practice for 13 years.

My mission is to train MD´s and therapists worldwide for the next level and to share my extensive knowledge so that many therapists and their patients around the world can benefit from it.

I thank and bow to my teachers, especially those who personally trained me and brought me forward in my medical development: Lilo Slumiok Müller (Germany), Herbert Poltersdorf (Germany), Nuno Nina (Portugal), Jan Fredrik Poleszynski (Norway), Pim van Lommel (Netherlands), Carolyn McMakin (USA), Professors of Dev Sanskriti University (India), Roger Penrose (USA).

«A million thanks for your brilliant webinar – I found it so useful and informative!
Thank you for (…) advising me on how to move forward.
Your energy is wonderful, I’m so glad I found your website.
Many blessings to you.»

Debra Graham, USA

To open the door to TimeWaver for your practice, you need step-by-step instructions on how everything works.

Just imagine, 5 participants from the last TimeWaver Core Training have already received their own TimeWaver – partly already during the ongoing training – and are successfully taking their practice to the next level! You can achieve that too!

I will support you how to receive your own TimeWaver into your own practice. First: You will learn in the TimeWaver Mini Workshop how you can use TimeWaver in your practice.

I look forward to seeing you!
Love, Peace and Health,

Unterschrift Lisa Golda

For whom is the TimeWaver Mini Workshop useful?

The TimeWaver Mini Workshop is right for you …

  • if you have already heard about TimeWaver and simply want to know more.
  • if you want to get an overview of the versatile TimeWaver technology.
  • if you are burning to figure out more about the TimeWaver work, no matter if you already have a device or not.
  • if you want to get all the information about the TimeWaver Core Training right from the start.
  • if you want to have the universe on your side, for the benefit of your patients and the greater whole.

«The Best One-Stop Shopping for those seriously seeking education on how to use Healy and/or TimeWaver!»

Maryellen Kuhlmann, USA