TimeWaver Training


Learn to find hidden causes!

With the help of the TimeWaver we learn to recognize deeper causes behind a complex of symptoms, to analyze and evaluate them in a cause-oriented and systematic way.

The goal of the TimeWaver training is to think in a new way. Learn to perform different analyses, to act in the information field and to develop individual therapy concepts. Accompany your clients successfully in the transformation process, in health and business issues.

This results in three paths, which you can use individually, or even better in combination with each other

or inform yourself here about the TimeWaver training with Lisa Golda.


TimeWaver uses the results of the analyses for you and transforms them into positive information that fits you perfectly.

On the information level and on the energy level it should bring the imbalances back into your healthy balance around the clock.

This should help to build up your immune system and reactivate your self-healing powers.

You can lean back and receive regular healing impulses in peace.


Which Healy programs are optimal for you?

With the help of the appropriate TimeWaver analyses we will find out together which Healy programs are suitable, when you should use which programs, or which individual Healy ABC programs I can write especially for you.

We find them out and I upload them to your Healy.

Mosaic stones

Which mosaic stones complete your recovery?

In the following step, the results can be used to find further therapy concepts from individual naturopathic building blocks for holistic support.

Do you need detoxification, are vital substances missing, are there other disturbing influences from outside, where does your soul need further support. What is your living and working environment like, which details can be optimized in nutrition?

We find answers and you get a step-by-step concept.