Lisa Golda is peerless in her knowledge and application of frequency-based healing.  She is a widely acknowledged master in the pantheon of frequency technology. Lisa teaches in a comprehensive, easy-to-understand manner, and her emotional and intellectual generosity seems limitless.

– Maryellen Kuhlmann, USA


What is and does the TimeWaver?

Using the quantum physical therapist device TimeWaver we look at the information field, also known as the Matrix, Akashic Chronicle or Morphogenetic Field. Carl Gustav Jung called it the Collective Unconscious.

The analyses of two noise generators and the light quantum resonator in the TimeWaver allow us to recognize deeper causes behind a complex of symptoms, as well as to evaluate them in a cause-oriented and systematic way. The TimeWaver discovers suitable information for you, with which you go into resonance, as with the lock-and-key principle.

Your positive information «packages» are then sent 24/7 into your personal information field, in intervals and times that suit you exactly, in order to strengthen you and bring you back into harmony and balance.

This shall reactivate your self-healing powers and build up your immune system.

You can stay comfortable and receive your healing impulses.

Why is Lisa an expert in information and frequency medicine?

Since the beginning of the TimeWaver era in 2008, working in the quantum field fills me with still increasing enthusiasm. In addition, there is my curiosity to get to the core of the topic.

My last decades I spent learning anything and everything concerning the information field, vibration and frequencies.

After deep diving into the quantum World, I realized that we need a mosaic medicine to achieve sustainable results, because only many mosaic stones together are able to create the shining mosaic picture of real enduring health.

Today, I use this wealth of knowledge to teach international therapists in three languages (DE, EN, FR) and develop systematic therapy concepts.

It´s an honor to share my knowledge with you, accompany you and train you, so that you  – as a doctor, therapist and also as a patient  – will learn everything necessary and apply it in a self-responsible way.

Portrait von Lisa Golda - TimeWaver Expertin

What is the secret power-tool of Mosaic's offerings for therapists?

I am looking for you to join a strong, international community, so that you and we all can make a difference in the world with fundamental knowledge, together with TimeWaver and Mosaic Medicine.

Take your benefit from our TimeWaver training in 3 steps for medical doctors, therapists and healers.

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